Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wow, really had no idea I have abandoned this space for more than a year now. Fuhh.

So many life changing events took place for the past 16 months. Married to the most loving husband for almost 9 months, and now waiting for the arrival of our lil bub, due in early April. I am nothing but blessed in every single way.

I am so excited to meet my little fella, despite feeling so worn out at the end of the day due to extreme fatigue and breathlessness I constantly having lately. Currently nearing 35 weeks, alhamdulillah everything is normal and the baby is at a healthy state. We still haven't decide on a name just yet, but we have listed a few to choose from. InsyaAllah, we will decide and announce the name on the 7th day after his birth. 

So far, preparation for our lil bub is almost 90% done. My husband will only be back somewhere in the middle of March, which is really really close to my due date. Hope he can make it on time.

Will update soon. Toodles~

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wow. it's been awhile