Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My girl is getting married this Saturday!

Tho I am very upset with the outcome of my bridesmaid's dress, I am still very excited and looking forward for the ceremony this weekend.

Sofia gave us this pretty songket and pink kain to make our bridesmaids' attire. Sad to say that it didn't turn out as I have imagined. Well, my request was very simple. I wanted a baju kurung modern with some trimmings of the songket to be sewn at the end of the sleeves. But I think it was sewn terribly, as if he got all the measurements mixed up or something. It turned out to be kind of pesak kurung but not proportionately sewn. Well, I can just ask the tailor to alter the top to make it fits nicely, but it is just time consuming. But probably I will just drop by tomorrow since I will be on leave for some court matters and later in the afternoon, my aunt wants to scout for mini dais for my engagement ceremony.

Anyhoo, a huge congratulations in advance to both  bride and groom!

THE invitation card

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