Friday, April 19, 2013

Engagement Checklist

Finally I have a confirmed date for the engagement ceremony. Yeay!

29th June 2013.

Glad that I have more than enough time for planning and preparation for the ceremony. So, here's my engagement checklist, well just a simple checklist for easy reference for the "bride-to-be"s out there who have no idea where to start. Trust me, I was totally clueless like some of you too (lol!)

  1. Date & Venue     : 29th June 2013 @ home
  2. Theme                        : Tiffany blue + soft pink
  3. Baju Tunang               : Tempah done!
  4. Veil                              : Bought one at Tesco for RM30
  5. Make-up Artist            : Sasha Bridal
  6. Mini Dais                     : Sasha Bridal           
  7. Hand Bouquet             : DIY
  8. Catering                      : Nurul Izzah Katering
  9. Canopies                    : Not needed since we're doing it at The Clubhouse.
  10. Tables & Chairs  : Monterez Golf Country Club
  11. Bunga Pahar               : Borrow from Cik Dah
  12. Gubahan Hantaran      : DIY
  13. Doorgifts                      : Sponsored
  14. Wakil (spokeperson)
  15. Black cloth for alas hantaran
  16. Photographer
  17. Invitations
  18. Confirm with Lutfi on the number of people from his side
  19. Gubahan Hantaran for Lutfi
  20. Barang Hantaran (From H to L):
  • Sireh Junjung
  • Kain Sepersalinan
  • Wallet
  • Chocolates : Sponsored!
  • Cupcakes  : Sponsored!
Initially, I just wanted a simple ceremony. More like a family gathering, getting to know each other and stuff. But considering I am the first child in the family, and this will be the first wedding, my mom and aunt got a little too excited and they insisted on a Mini Dais. Took me almost 3 weeks to find the right mini dais. Went to a whole bunch of bridal boutiques just to find a simple and affordable mini dais. Luckily, I found this mini dais that is on promotion from Sasha Bridal and I straight emailed her to book. Phew~

This weekend, I'm going to drag Dad to book Nurul Izzah Catering for the food catering, canopies, tables and chairs. And by the end of the month, I will buy the rest of the hantaran items and cross more items on the checklist.

Soooo excited! I can't wait for June to come!

Will update more on this soon. Toodles~

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